Designed for weddings, large parties, concerts, and community gatherings.

Approved by the Costa Rican ministry of health for following all COVID guidelines and regulations.

Features and Amenities

  • There are two permanent structures:  an expansive bar, and a contemporary air-conditioned restroom facility, located on opposite sides of the property. Both structures are elegantly appointed with black granite, stonework, bamboo and other natural materials. 

  • Following the owners’ commitment to preserve and support the environment, a high capacity water treatment plant converts wastewater into irrigation for the green spaces and landscaping. 

  • The rest of the property provides maximum flexibility for placement of guest seating, tents, bands, additional bars, podium, lounge areas, etc. so event layouts can be designed in innumerable ways. 

Added Benefits

  • Two dozen parking spaces in front, with adjacent space for 40 vehicles.  
  • A dedicated bus zone, allowing guests to debark right at the entrance.   
  • Ground covering of Bermuda grass or fine gravel, eliminates mud due to rain & dust from wind.  Both of these ground covers work well with any footwear or attire.

Additional Information

Stage, dance floor, tents, additional lighting, tables and chairs, floral or other decorations, photographer, entertainment or security services are not provided. However, we can recommend outside agencies for all of these.

Ask us about our Venue & Catering packages!

Service can be provided from simple passed hors d’oeuvres and beer & wine, to casual buffet service to formal seated multicourse dinner with premium open bar and everything in between.